Biblical Therapy is the faith-based counseling process Jesus demonstrated by confronting the lies in our heart and minds with his truth as recorded in the Bible. Through his godly lifestyle he affirmed the lessons he taught thus exposing the lies we as lost sinners believed, in our pursuit for self-realization and self-determination. When Adam bought into the original lie that he could become godlike apart from obedience and dependence upon the Word of God, a pandora's box of other lies was released upon the human race. Most of these lies became so entrenched in the generations to follow that they became inhereted mindsets and traditions which determined the lifestyles and ultimately the cultures of nations and races. Reading through the history of the human race we find that the ultimate outcome of these ungodly lies lead to destruction. In Biblical Therapy we state that people's actions are based on their belief systems. If they believe lies their lives will become dysfunctional and they cannot change unless they change their thinking. The Biblical Therapist will learn in this section of the course how this concept is taught in the Bible so that he/she can intervene in the lives of people who are caught up in this destructive cycle. Biblical Therapy is all about confronting the lies people believe with the truth of God in a loving and caring manner, just like Jesus teaches us through the Holy Spirit and by using the Bible as our handbook.

Biblical Foundation for Mental Health is the setting out of the process through which God makes His children compliant to His plan for their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. In Theological terms it refers to the understanding of the growth process Christians go through to come to spiritual maturity and service in the Lord. It is commonly known as sanctification or being set aside for God's purpose. We also call it being made holy.

What do we do when rehab fails? This is a very relevant question in the hearts of many family members struggling with the addiction of one of their own. In the light of the very high relapse rate prevalent in countries where rehabs have been functioning for some time, the issues discussed in this module are key to a Biblical Therapist visiting a client and his family members for the first time. What is the key to lasting change in the life of someone in the grips of addiction? Is there really any hope for these people? The answers are found here.

This is all about relationships. This is a critical area in the persons life who has because of their addictive lifestyle destroyed trust in so many peoples lives around them. There are at least 8 people whose lives are drastically impacted by someone who abuses drugs. Obviously the very first relationship is the one that has been most violated namely God our Father and Creator. This is the very starting point of all Biblical Therapy. Once forgiveness has been sought and found with God, His loving mercy and care will soon start working in the rest of the relationship that have been broken. This module contains key elements that walk the Therapist and the counselee down a path of relationship healing and restoration.

Once the student is on the path with Jesus he/she needs to study the principles Jesus lived and taught by. We do this by taking a long look at the credentials of Jesus and what He came to teach and demonstrate about everyday living. This module is a study on 29 principles we need to apply to our daily walk with God.

Biblical Directionism is a theological term for giving direction to one's life according to Biblical principles. We have a perfect rolemodel in Jesus with whom we can compare our own lives. Unlike secular psychology, in Biblical Directionism we have a definition of a perfect human being against which all of us can be measured.