The Doctrines of faith discussed in this part of your training does not reflect the theological position of this college and its staff. Because you are going to deal with people from various denominational backgrounds, we deemed it fit to prescribe a book which will expose you to most of the theological views found in churches all over South Africa and the rest of the world.
Although sound doctrine has a profound effect on one's belief and subsequently your actions and lifestyle, this part of your training is more focused on helping you to take a neutral stand on some of the controversial issues Christians can differ on. Some of these differences are so intense that they have led to widespread bloodshed and have caused terrible division in the Body of Christ.
Later on when you become more involved with Bible Therapy and Biblical Counselling you will be trained in how doctrinal issues can and will cause dysfuntional living. You will also be taught how to spot these issues and what kind of effect it can have on marriage problems for instance.
There will also be some serious research you will need to do in order to later on find your own particular position on such issues as Baptism, the laying on of hands, speaking in tongues, infant baptism, the rapture or return escathology and so forth. However as a Therapist and Counselor you must be very careful of not forcing your views on counselees.
For the moment you will merely be exposed to what is going around and please do not be tempted to debate counselees on these issues while losing sight of their real needs.
The book you need to order for this session through our office is Charts of Christian Theology and Doctrine written by H. Wayne House and published by Zondervan.