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Back Online at Vaalwater Regeneration Farm.
by Ado Krige - Monday, 24 October 2016, 4:00 PM

I apologize to all for the lengthy delay in operating this learning platform. Thank you all for your patience and understanding.

The move to the farm was hectic and getting a stable internet connection was quite a challenge as well. So many things demanded instant attention, yet training new therapists must always remain a priority. Just a few interesting points:

  • Rene Streicher from Cape Town completed her online course and paid a visit to House Regeneration to complete her praticum under the guidance of Darryl Krige, Head of TLC and Counseling. Well done Rene! your diploma event will be forthcoming.
  • We were approached by LOTTO South Africa for a long term working relationship and the necessary agreements were signed. They are currently investing a sizable amount of money to upgrade all the facilities at HR. Should things go well it will mean that together we will embark on a National Expansion plan. This holds out tremendous opportunity for future Biblical Therapists. Part of our agreement that as long as our partnership with them exists, we signed a 99 year lease agreement, Biblical Therapy will be the only model in all the Regeneration Centers in South Africa. They are very excited when I shared the fact that we already have an online college, even though it is in its baby shoes.
  • The extension out to the farm was really a God idea! The guys who are finishing up their program here, are growing in leaps ans bounds in the Lord and loving every moment in the Bush.
Once more thanks for you patience as we pick up where we left off!